Forgot Password (Existing User – Change Password)

These steps can be performed on any page of the website, as long as nobody is signed into the website.

Figure 1: Where to find Forgot Password link.
  1. Click on the link “Forgot Password”, located toward the bottom of the sidebar group box labeled “Login”. (Figure 1) This will bring you to the Change Password page, where you can change your password.
Figure 2: Account Verification - Username & E-mail
  1. Enter in your User Name and the E-mail Address you used to register your account. (Figure 2)
  2. Click on the Submit button.
Figure 3: Account Verification – Security Questions
  1. You will be presented with a list of Security Questions, which you set up during your account registration process. (Figure 3) Please answer these questions to verify your account.
  2. Click on the Submit button.
Figure 4: E-mail
  1. Providing you filled out the information correctly, you should receive an e-mail to the address on file. This will contain your new temporary password. (Figure 4)

Additional Information: It is strongly recommended that you change your password after performing these steps. The security of your account cannot be guaranteed otherwise. See section Change Login Password for detailed instructions on how you can change your password.